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Cycled Nutrition. Lasting Results.

Formulated cycled nutrition powered to fuel performance, increase energy, reduce fat and enhance lean muscle.


EDGE4 Nutrition is built on a foundation of a simple effective method, EDGE, "Each Day Gets Exchanges" of macro food cycles. Founders of EDGE4 Nutrition, Rick and Heather Sosias have been in the health and fitness industry with a combined experience of over 45 years.

As parents of two, business owners, top athletes and trainers in the NPC and worldly professional sport of the IFBB, Rick and Heather understand the physical and mental demands aka, "road blocks" that happen once someone decides to consciously eat healthier. "All too often it can feel like a ton of bricks crashing down when trying to consciously eat better, making it so easy to return to old habits. Our clients have great success in achieving their optimum goals when they commit to 4-day Edge menu rotations take part in challenges and utilize the Edge4 Nutrition mobile app.

The goal is to really get to know yourself and discover your bodies performance with nutrition which is why we love our E4N Cycles"

Rick & Heather


Shop Talk with Rick & Heather

"When you apply formula E4N cycles to your weekly regiment you begin to truly understand how your body best responds and reacts with nutrition. We have many types of individuals who come to us, more than often they are stuck not moving in either direction with their weight loss goals or gain goals. It floors us when we see people eating the same plan every day! How can any one expect a different result by applying the same method day in and day out?

With our Performance Plan and Lean Plan our clients not only have Gold access to the Edge4 Nutrition app receiving fresh meals each week they also have the freedom to follow the Edge 4-Day meal cycle card and challenges included with each delivery. It’s not enough to just cycle carbs, one must consider the whole equation of nutrition and its underlying performance in the body.

To help our clients achieve optimum results without boredom and repetition while also bringing flexibility and education to the table, our rotations include; low carb, high carb, keto, intermittent fasting, low fat, high fat, detox (plant days) plus My Power Days (balance).

We see and experience firsthand clients having amazing results with fat loss, increase of lean muscle, more energy, mental clarity and all around just feeling better when implementing E4N cycles into their weekly routine.

We do what we love, its our goal to serve and help others reach their fit dreams and goals with life balance along the way."

success stories

“As an IFBB PRO athlete, I need the best people on my team and Edge4 Nutrition has been a key partner to my success. I’ve achieved body weight changes I didn’t think were possible, I went from 180 to 210 and achieved 2% body fat. With their help I learned about my own body and how it works. And with that, they helped me tie second place in my pro debut and took second in my second pro show. They have supported my success by traveling to competitions when I needed them most, they’ve met up with me last minute when I ran out of food and helped with posing which is key to success in the IFBB. The choice to use Edge4 Nutrition started as a business choice but turned into a lifelong friendship. They’ve helped motivate me to goals I thought were unattainable through their knowledge of the sport and expertise. I’m look forward to working with Edge4 Nutrition in the future to see how they can help me push past my limits.”
Forever a Friend and Life time customer, Tave (O Shirtless)
“I can’t say enough good things about Edge4 Nutrition. At 55 years of age, Rick and Heather helped me not only get in the best shape of my life…but they helped me achieve a goal – A BIKINI COMPETITION!

I needed to make to my diet, Rick and Heather made certain my meals were accurate to my specifications. The food selection and quality are EXCELLENT!

The bonus is that Edge4 Nutrition not only made certain I was eating my “healthy meals” …Rick and Heather, provided me with unlimited support and encouragement. Whether you just want to “get healthy” or you have a goal to compete, I highly recommend Edge4 Nutrition to anyone who wants to go from “Flab to FAB”.”Renee’

“With EDGE4 Nutrition system, I was able to achieve my best competition prep to date. In a 16 week period I dropped 20 LBS with my body fat less than 10% not having to sacrifice hard earned muscle. With E4N coaching and guidance from Rick & Heather Mae Sosias my body was never in a catabolic state and it was able to work at its peak performance. If you’re novice or experienced and interested in new concepts I recommend subscribing and pushing your training to the edge with EDGE4 Nutrition”. Jason
“It’s simple, EDGE works! I’ve been a physique competitor since 2014, and used EDGE for my last prep. Hands down, this plan got me into the best shape of my life. There are so many diets out there and it’s difficult to understand which one to chose! Low fat? Keto? Intermittent fasting? Paleo? Vegan? Etc! With EDGE, all the biases are eliminated, and your nutrition is working for YOU! Our bodies aren’t robots, and our body’s system isn’t the same everyday. EDGE has completely changed and enhanced the way I diet & live!”Alex