We believe in the power of food and that wholesome
food combined with a suggested active lifestyle
are key foundations to support one’s health, balance
and happiness.



We believe in the power of food and that wholesome food, accompanied with a suggested active lifestyle are key foundations to support one’s health, balance and happiness.


Integrity in our product and our actions. We strive to participate in a food system that is consciously sustainable using fresh and seasonal ingredients, supporting clean proteins, Non-GMO, Colorado Proud suppliers, and local & organic farming when ever possible.


Your WHY is OUR Promise to uphold our Core Values in everything we do. Compassion, Integrity, Knowledge and Purpose.


Because we Believe in your WHY.


To inspire healthier individuals and communities impacting health-conscious habits for a lifetime through wholesome nutrition.


Compassion for everyone we encounter and every story we hear.


Surrounding ourselves with masters in the respected fields of exercise science fitness and dietetics to continuously educate ourselves and our clients on the power of food and exercise while staying hip on foodie trends and fads.



Executive Chef

Chef Andres has been working in the food-service and hospitality industries for nearly 20 years. He discovered his hidden talent and passion for the culinary arts during an apprenticeship as a young man in Bogota, Colombia, which inspired him to pursue formal training.

Prior to relocating to Colorado, Chef Andres oversaw the operations of various high-volume, corporate, and privately-owned restaurants on the East coast. Throughout his career, he was awarded many accolades and honors, including the prestigious Four-Diamond, AAA and the Best Overall Restaurant in South Florida by Gold Coast magazine while working at the Grill Room in the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Throughout his career, Chef Andres has worked as Executive Chef at several well-known restaurants as well as opened free-standing restaurants, consulted for private and public companies, and offered private catering services. At this point in his career, Chef Andres is looking to focus on sharing his love of cooking and the knowledge he has acquired over his many years as a professional in a more personal manner.

Combined with a new appreciation for the value and benefits of conscious eating – knowing not only WHAT you are eating, but HOW it will affect you – his passion for tasty food, good times, and sharing his love for cooking with others are the main reasons he is excited to be a part of the EDGE4 Nutrition Team.


Director of Food & Beverage

Rebecca started her culinary career washing dishes at Michigan State University where she quickly moved up the chain of command to cook and eventually manager.

In 2013 Rebecca relocated to Denver, CO to pursue her cooking career. She has since spent her time working in Colorado Restaurants as a Chef with a passion and focus on fresh and local ingredients.

Rebecca's specialty is plant based cuisine. After being a vegetarian for six years and feeling left out of almost every dining experience due to lack of options she makes it her mission to ensure that everyone at the table not only has something to eat, but something delicious to eat.

When Rebecca isn't in the kitchen or finding the best piece of produce for your next meal she is enjoying the mountains by hiking or attempting to snowboard, or searching for her new favorite restaurant.



Meet Chris Graham

As a sitting member on EDGE4 Nutrition’s science advisory board, Christopher Graham brings years of premium culinary expertise consulting with product development in nutrient-dense ready to heat meals. Chris also provides direction on process flow, HACCP plans, nutrition panels, ingredient declaration, labeling, packaging and distribution systems. Graham continues to support many client’s by helping build products and designing safe plants for brands such as; Etai's formerly UDI’s, Whole Foods, Costco, Mimi’s Café, Roth Industries, Maria Empanada, and Nestlé Canada to the United States Air Force Club System just to name a few.

One-on-one with Chris, “I sense that the essence of my own culinary and healthy eating journey is engrained in our family heritage. My grandfather Gustave Gramaticous came to this country from the island of Evia, Greece in the early 1900’s and was a successful business owner of several well-known restaurants throughout the Midwest. Following in my grandfather's footsteps, I began a career in culinary services. 

I was mentored by the former Chef Louis Szathmary, a pioneer in the rapidly changing food industry (some of his creations were even used by NASA and accompanied astronauts in space!). Most importantly, I had the opportunity to study in one of the most unique culinary libraries in the world, inspiring me to become a Research and Development Professional”. 

We are so fortunate to have Chris Graham as the Director of R & D here at EDGE4 Nutrition knowing his passion and expertise are in line with ours, “inspiring others to make a healthy connection with flavorful – wholesome nutrition creating health conscience habits for a lifetime”.


Meet the R.D. - Bryan Snyder

Bryan Snyder sits on the Edge4 Nutrition science and advisory board as a registered dietitian consulting directly one-on-one with clients and as a dietetic advisory to the company. With our vision set out to positively impact each person’s health, fit & wellness goals using real food and our formula E4N philosophy we knew we wanted a registered dietitian that would maintain the best interest of each client as top priority.

Bryan is very well known in Colorado as one of the leading consultants in the professional sports arena. Entering his 11 th year as the Director of Team Nutrition for the Denver Broncos Football Club. Bryan’s responsibilities with the Broncos include one-on-one consultations with players helping them gain or lose weight, dietary analysis and menu development for the training table, flight menus and hotel menus for team travel, evaluating dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness, hydration and proper fueling in the locker room, and hydration and fueling on the sidelines. Bryan also provides frequent nutrition education to the Denver Broncos in small groups as well as team talks to help the team perform at its highest level. Bryan oversees the sports performance kitchen, which includes nine chefs and interns.

In addition to the Broncos, Bryan is also entering his 7th season also the consulting dietitian for the Colorado Avalanche where he provides team talks, nutrition consultations, and performs body compositions tests with the use of a Bod Pod during their development camp. Bryan is also in his second season consulting with both the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies.



Meet Steve Hess

After 21 years as Director of Performance with the Denver Nuggets, Coach Steve Hess continues his innovative path to support and transform the health and wellness industry. Here at EDGE4 Nutrition we are incredibly lucky to have Steve sit on the science advisory board to the company. Steve brings lightening years of experience working with a wide scope of clients whom each desire peak performance internally and externally. Steve’s has most recently accepted an exciting career and has undertaken the task to revolutionize the exercise industry as Chief Performance Officer for Panorama Orthopedic and Spine Center and Operating Owner for Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute.

As Director of Performance for the Denver Nuggets, Steve was responsible for overseeing the team’s weight training, conditioning and nutritional programs. He designed and arranged the Nuggets’ weight room in the Pepsi Center and designed functional pieces unique to the Denver Nuggets. Upon retirement with the Nuggets, although it was a surprise to Hess, it was no surprise to others knowing all the lives he touched, inspired and encountered the “STEVE HESS WEIGHT ROOM” plaque was permanently installed at the Pepsi Center.

Hess is one of six trainers worldwide who sits on the Under Armour training council. He is a sponsored athlete by Met-Rx and an ambassador for Red Bird Chicken. He is also on the scientific advisory board for Masimo MightySat in addition to sitting on the scientific facility board for Panorama Orthopedics and Spine Center.

Hess has been featured on NBA Inside Stuff, All-Access with Ahmad Rashad, NBATV and The Eating Network. He also has his own workout segment on the Altitude Sports & Entertainment network and has been featured on all Denver major news channels including the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and the Wall Street Journal.

A graduate of Ithaca College (N.Y.), Hess received a master’s degree in physical education with an emphasis on sports medicine and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science fitness and cardiac rehabilitation in ’91. Hess became a Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T) specialist in 2013 and completed his M.A.T mastery certification in 2015. In 2016 he completed his RTS (resistance training specialist) Mastery certification and in 2017 he completed his CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) certification and was awarded his RSCC*E (registered strength and conditioning coach with 20+ years’ experience) in 2018. Science matter’s and we are grateful to have Hess’s advisory support to the ever-evolving health and wellness industry.


We stand by fresh and seasonal ingredients, clean proteins, Non-GMO, Colorado Proud suppliers including local & organic farming when ever possible